Name: James Logan

Country of Origin: South Africa

Country of Current Residence: USA

Job Title: Fleet IT Superintendent – Princess Cruise Line

1. Why did you become an IT Superintendent and how long have you been in this role?

I worked as an IT Officer (I/S Manager) with Carnival Cruise Line for 8 years. After that, I was hired by Carnival and move shore-side to Miami, to work as an IT Analyst with the Shipboard Technology group. Four years later, I moved to Carnival’s sister company Princess, as a Fleet IT Superintendent where I’ve been working for two years.

2. What is an IT Superintendent responsible for? (In one sentence).

I am responsible for the IT computer systems on Princess’ cruise ships.

3. What specific qualifications and/or experience are required for this position?

For this position, one needs to be an IT generalist with a lot of experience in leadership, management, communications and understanding Enterprise-scale IT operations.

4. Describe a typical working day for you.

There is no typical day and no two days are the same – I have no set procedures to follow and no specific day-to-day tasks. I’m on duty for emergencies 24 hours a day 7 days a week and am expected to attend to serious computer outages as they arise.

My working day may consist of any of the following kinds of things:

  • Assisting a shipboard IT Officer with troubleshooting systems.
  • Developing policies and procedures.
  • Planning projects, for example, rolling out Windows 10 to the fleet. This includes budgeting, testing, scheduling, and managing the project.
  • Interviewing and hiring potential candidates for IT Officer positions.
  • Testing new technologies that may be deployed to the fleet.
  • Assisting my IT Officers with personnel or HR related issues including planning their contract scheduling.
  • Advising other IT Teams on best practices for implementing new technologies on ships.
  • Managing outside vendors who are contracted to work for us.
  • Planning and carrying out dry docks and new ship builds.
  • Reporting to company executives, including the CEO, on projects and emergencies.

5. What personal qualities do you consider to be drivers of success for this position?

I think that leadership skills are the single biggest requirement. My team of IT Officers in the fleet need to feel comfortable that I will lead them, support them in their jobs and personally, and that I will have their best interests at heart. After that, project management skills and IT knowledge are also important.

6. If you weren’t an IT superintendent, what other job would you have done and why?

I loved being an IT Officer with Carnival – I always claimed it was the best job in the world and would have been happy to have done that for life, but the commitment to my wife and daughter and the opportunity for them to live in the United States was the main driving force for me to leave the sea.

7. What do you enjoy most about your job?

I enjoy the camaraderie with my team of IT Officers and the sense of mission and purpose that comes with keeping a ship operational.

8. What do you enjoy least?

I don’t enjoy that I’m losing contact with the technology itself and slowly moving more into a management role.

9. Which of your co-workers would you like to give a ‘shout out’ to and why?

My boss Donald Pierce who has been a brilliant mentor.

10. Tell me something about yourself that not many people know! 

I used to work as a shark tour guide in South Africa, leading groups of scuba divers on daily encounters with Bull sharks.