Get a sneak peak into the cruise industry, learn about the jobs you'll find onboard, and discover what you need to secure one.


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This micro-course has been designed to give you a brief introduction to the cruise industry and the different type of jobs you can find on ocean-going cruise ships. It is ideal for anybody who would like to learn more about the sector and explore whether a cruise ship career could be a fit.


  1. Introduction
  2. Know your Ship
  3. Cruise Industry Facts
  4. Cruise Brands
  5. On the Horizon
  6. Cruise Themes
  7. Residential Cruise Ships
  8. Size Matters
  9. Shipboard Jobs
  10. Qualifications Versus Qualities
  11. Recruitment FAQs
  12. Debarkation

Completion Time:

  • Approx 1 hr