Cruise Director

Much like the Captain at the wheel guiding our vessels from port to port, the Cruise Director drives the pulse of our entertainment onboard. More than simply informing the ship about events, the Cruise Director experiences the entertainment alongside our guests. They're hosting shows, activities & events inside and outside, morning and night.  

Job Responsibilities:

  • Oversees the monitoring and resolution of all issues that affect the Entertainment product and the passengers' cruise experience.
  • Regularly interacts with passengers and ensures excellent delivery of the entertainment experience during embarkation, disembarkation, and tender operations to delight and serve every passenger.
  • Delivers consistently on all Entertainment products, including Youth and Teens, Passenger Programs, Onboard Media, Enrichment Programs, Production Services, Music Services, Guest Entertainers, and Creative Entertainment.
  • Regularly oversees the activities, assignments, and projects of shipboard Entertainment managers. 
  • Plans the daily events schedules with Customer Service Director to maximize passengers' access to and awareness of all activates available onboard, including entertainment and revenue/nonrevenue events.
  • Identifies and implements the most effective way to communicate all promotions.
  • Conducts regular staff meetings with Entertainment managers to communicate policies, discuss issues, and coordinate solutions.
  • Reviews strategies to find cost efficiencies, monitors operation standards, manning levels, rotations, etc. to identify cost-saving opportunities without adversely affecting product standards..

Qualifications & Competencies:

  • At least 5 years experience hosting events, activities, shows or theatrical performances. This does not mean part of the ensemble, this means the front person, the main event, "everybody look at me", kind of experience. 
  • Understands the foundations of customer service and service recovery; excels in delivering outstanding service and service recovery; and leads Department and colleagues to do the same.
  • Natural leadership and management abilities with a keen understanding of emotional intelligence.
  • Organized, detail-oriented, systematic, computer savvy, data-driven, analytical.
  • Can establish and maintain courteous and professional working relationships in a diverse cultural environment. 


  • 4 months on-board, followed by 2 months of vacation
  • Single cabin with private bathroom facilities 

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