Junior Assistant Cruise Director

Job Responsibilities:

  • Ensuring maximum guest satisfaction in all activities as outlined in company guidelines.
  • Being present at gangways for embarkation and disembarkation from the vessel.
  • Arranging and participating in the administration, setup, and delivery of all guest activities, including organizing lockers and equipment, configuration and preparation for events, hosting and participation in events, and following up on the success of each occasion.
  • Being aware of the guest's reaction to entertainment events, reporting the level of success to the Cruise Director.
  • Being available wherever and whenever needed to assist in the achievement of total guest satisfaction with entertainment programs.
  • Spending a proportionate amount of time each day in the company of guests, socializing, and encouraging conversations.

Qualifications & Competencies:

  • Two years of experience in a hotel or resort entertainment role preferred.
  • Demonstrated ability to speak effectively before large groups of people.
  • Entertainment talents such as dancing, singing, stage performance.
  • Strong microphone skills.
  • Command of the English language, both verbal and written.


  • 6 months on-board, followed by 2 months of vacation
  • Shared cabin with private bathroom facilities 

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