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Our courses are ideal for anybody studying, Tourism Management, Hospitality & Events, Retail, Communications, Foreign Languages, Human Resources and the like. Our learning material can be delivered in your classroom, and/or online, as a bolt-on module to any FE or HE curricula, or provided via e-learning for students to study independently.

Post course, our team will provide ongoing support for those who are interested to learn more about shipboard careers and when the time is right, we will place suitable graduates with our cruise partners.

There are countless benefits to working on board a cruise ship and hundreds of unique roles to choose from. 

Our Principal Programme

The Certificate in Cruise Tourism & Shipboard Operations is endorsed by the Institute of Hospitality and awards Affiliate Membership and 3 CPD credits. The programme teaches students about living and working onboard cruise ships and provides information about global cruise tourism, enabling them to decide whether a career in the sector is a fit.


Aimee Johnson:UK

The certificate program was really interesting and insightful and has given me the confidence to apply for a cruise ship job.

Jodie McDermott:UK

I had been considering a career in the cruise industry for quite a while but didn't know where to start. There's a lot of conflicting information out there and it was great to finally find a professional course that was full of transferable information. I've just been offered employment on board and I am very glad I invested in the certificate programme and consequently, now have a great understanding of what I'm about to embark upon.

Megan Aspey:UK

I enjoyed learning the history of the cruise industry and how it has developed throughout time. All the information was clear, informative and engaging, and I learned a lot from it. This course has opened opportunities for me by providing an insight to careers within the cruise industry, something that I am excited to pursue.

Elizabeth McDonald:UK

Prior to the Certificate in Cruise Tourism and Shipboard Operations, I already had interest in the Cruise Industry as I have a background in marine training and three years of hospitality experience. The course allowed me to obtain a strong understanding of the industry's history and developments as well as what life is like working at sea, what responsibilities are expected from different positions and some of the training requirements that are associated with working onboard a ship. Now that I have received this certificate and once I have completed my degree in International Tourism Management, I intend to start my cruise ship career by working in Guest Services.

Michael Taylor:UK

I enjoyed the course in cruise tourism and shipboard operations immensely as it allowed me to have access to a broad and wide range of knowledge. Not only did it provide a solid foundation on information related to the cruise industry, the interactive quizzes and the course overall proved to be very enjoyable. The team have been very supportive. Would I recommend the course? Absolutely!

Ellie May Crowther:UK

Prior to starting the Cruise Academy certificate programme, I didn't know much about the cruise industry. Nevertheless, since finishing, I am now thinking about a career at sea. During the course you are never short of information, this ranging from first hand experiences at sea to short quizzes that test your knowledge. You also have the opportunity to learn about the various positions onboard, the laws you need to abide by and the skills that are needed to work on a ship. This course has really helped me to clarify what I would like to pursue and I have enjoyed every moment.


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