Join us for a jam-packed, highly interactive one-day workshop, designed to equip aspiring seafarers with practical information, internationally recognised certification, professional membership and industry related resources.

  • Date: 31/07/2022 09:30
  • Location: To Be Announced

Price: £105.00



Have you ever thought about working on a cruise ship?

Working on a cruise ship is definitely no holiday, but it is one of the most amazing and rewarding experiences you'll ever have, should you be fortunate enough to get your foot up the gangway. 

This full day interactive workshop will give you a thorough insight into this exciting & enigmatic world and enable you to decide whether 'ship-life' is a fit. 

Workshops are held on a monthly basis at various locations across the United Kingdom. Please register your interest in advance as spaces are limited and fill quickly. 


  • An Introduction to Cruise Tourism
  • The World's Leading Cruise Lines
  • Recruitment FAQs
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Living and Working Onboard
  • Shipboard Organisational Structure
  • Nautical Terminology
  • Cross Cultural Awareness
  • Shipboard Safety
  • An Introduction to Maritime Law

Delegates will also be given links to live vacancies, international recruiters, and other industry related resources.

Ticket Cost Includes

  • Full day workshop
  • Lunch and refreshments
  • Certificate of Attendance
  • One year membership of the Institute of Travel & Tourism (Introductory Member)
  • Career support (for those interested to pursue a shipboard career upon completion of the workshop)

*Open to anybody aged 18+