Entertainment Director

The Entertainment Director is ultimately responsible for the entire entertainment offering onboard. As the entertainment programmer they work with managers to schedule shows, activities, parties & performances in a manner that benefits both guest enjoyment and revenue. Under the guidance of shore side management they work to ensure brand pillars are delivered with the utmost attention to detail. As an executive officer they work with the Captain and others to ensure entertainment is delivered safely, according to the many governing bodies that protect vacations at sea. All of this through a strategic and analytical lens using data from various sources to guide the product.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Consistently oversees the monitoring and resolution of all issues that affect the Entertainment product and the guests' cruise experience.
  • Ensures that service recovery is prioritized by all team members, provides guidance and training to managers and front line team, leads by example by proactively participating in service recovery moments as they present themselves, department lead for entertainment centric recovery and resolution needs.
  • Ensures both revenue and non-revenue areas receive appropriate, effective marketing and promotion.
  • Regularly monitors guest feedback metrics, specifically focused on: Entertainment Average, Net Promotor Score, Onboard Activities Average, and Entertainment sub-scores to ensure they consistently exceed voyage and monthly targets. Collaborates with the Associate Hotel General Manager to formulate short and long-term strategic improvement plans as needed.
  • Maintains a highly visible profile in public areas at critical times to assess entertainment programming effectiveness by observing guest enjoyment and traffic flow
  • Conducts regular Entertainment management meetings and full department meetings.  Communicates policies discuss issues with the team, motivates team members, strategizes long-term plans, and activates change to maximize guest satisfaction.
  • Ensures operational efficiency and quality assurance of all Entertainment products by conducting regular inspections of entertainment areas, logging results, and engaging with managers to continually improve our delivery of the entertainment product.
  • Encourages all members of the Entertainment department to develop small innovations as part of the Company's strategy toward change.
  • Partners with Cruise Director to ensure leadership presence on the floor for embarkation and debarkation.

Qualifications & Competencies:

  • Minimum 5 years' experience managing an entertainment-related product or team (non-negotiable).
  • Undergraduate degree in Management (preferred).
  • Understands the foundations of customer service and service recovery; excels in delivering outstanding service and service recovery; and leads Department and colleagues to do the same.
  • Natural leadership and management abilities with a keen understanding of emotional intelligence.
  • Organized, detail-oriented, systematic, computer savvy, data-driven, analytical.
  • Can establish and maintain courteous and professional working relationships in a diverse cultural environment. 


  • 4 months on-board, followed by 2 months of vacation
  • Single cabin with private bathroom facilities 

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