Finance Specialist - Trainee

Key Responsibilities: 

  • Oversees the automated revenue accounting processes.
  • Activates and closes revenue voyages in relevant systems
  • Ensures sales data balances and identifies, researches and corrects all discrepancies on a daily basis.
  • Monitors and manages guest and crew payment accounts, ensuring a form of payment is available at all times.
  • Processes the ordering and receiving of goods on board via the designated on board inventory management system and reports variances to shipboard and shore side management.
  • Conducts periodic audits of inventories in various storage locations.
  • Performs end of voyage posting to close the period in the on-board inventory management system.
  • Serves as administrator of all on board financial systems, provides end user support and performs tests during new deployments and special projects. Troubleshoots system issues, coordinates with the shipboard and shore side I/S teams to resolve these issues
  • Provides various cost and revenue related financial reports to operating departments and shoreside management.
  • Performs the analysis of item activity and pricing fluctuations and submits findings to shipboard management and Corporate Procurement.
  • Provides financial support to various on board departments by responding to queries and providing reports and analysis upon request.
  • Analyses impact of new initiatives and gives recommendations towards new procedures.
  • Participates in all safety drills, exercises and other regulatory training.

Essential Requirements:

  • Degree or diploma in accounting or finance
  • 12+ months of full-time finance related work experience
  • Computer savvy and proficient in Microsoft Office and other databases.
  • Ability to conduct financial transactions quickly and accurately.
  • Strong command of the English language, both verbal and written. 
  • Team player with excellent attention to detail and problem resolution skills.
  • Able to thrive in a fast-paced, high-pressure, diverse environment.

Preferred Experience/Qualifications:

  • Similar experience within a large hotel or cruise ship preferred.


  • 6-7 months on-board, followed by 2 months of vacation
  • Shared cabin with private bathroom facilities 

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