Flexible Services

We remain flexible to your needs - regardless of whether you are looking for an advertising service, simple CV referral or full-cycle recruitment assistance.


Team Experience

We have more than 60 years of combined industry experience and a genuine passion for the leisure-maritime sector.


Relevant Skills

Our Talent Specialists hold qualifications in HR, psychology or behavioural science and they have previously worked onboard cruise ships.


Global Sourcing

We source globally using a variety of innovative methods. We are continually exploring and studying new labour markets.


Thorough Screening

We use psychometric testing and a multi-stage (behavioural and skills based) interview process, including face-to-face screening for all candidates, without exception.


Candidate Preparation

We provide complimentary, industry specific training, certification & professional membership, for those who are going to sea for the first time, once they have been provided with a conditional offer of employment.


Continual Improvement

We value feedback and use data to evaluate and improve our recruitment methods and our services, on a continual basis.