Cruise Industry Recruitment, Training and Development

"Transforming the World's Greatest Talent into the Industry's Savviest Seafarers"


What we do is far less important than our reasons why!

We know that when we bring people together from all walks of life and every corner of the earth and put them ‘in the same boat’, to live, work and play for months at a time, something truly magical happens. People stop seeing gender, skin colour, age, race, religion, sexual preferences and cultural nuances as barriers, and start to respect individuality and celebrate differences. Tolerance builds, kindness prevails and meaningful relationships form and flourish. It’s an experience that opens the mind, touches the heart and penetrates the soul. An experience that unites humankind.

So ultimately… we’re on a mission to make the world a better place.

We’re aware that this might sound a bit far-fetched to some; but big-picture thinking gives us purpose and the passion and drive to succeed.

we strive to

ENGAGE and inspire the next generation of seafarers.

We are working hard to promote the benefits of working at sea and to provide a gateway to the cruise industry. We assist people to make informed choices about whether ship-life is for them and provide industry related education and training to set them up for success. We partner with colleges and universities across the UK and Europe to provide shipboard opportunities for their graduates and help to develop the skills and qualities needed to thrive in this wonderful yet challenging environment.

DEVELOP high performing teams.

It's no secret that high performing organisations foster a culture of continuous learning and take a holistic approach to training and developing their employees. We help cruise operators to build their shipboard leadership capability, through the development of soft skills and emotional intelligence, ensuring people have the behavioural competencies needed to excel. 

SUPPORT the global superstars serving on ships.

We are partnering with a number of SMEs to develop and implement health and well-being services for seafarers worldwide and to improve the products and amenities available to them in ports of call. 

Our Values

Light Bulb


Winning The Race

We strive to be better than our best

Friends Talking

We practice open, honest communication


We engender respect and foster collaboration

Person Listening

We welcome feedback


We have fun