A job onboard a cruise ship is not just a job, it’s a complete change of lifestyle.

If you are a positive team player with exceptional interpersonal skills and you are able to spend several consecutive months away from home, we’d love to hear from you. 

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We Recruit Globally

Entertainment Director

The Entertainment Director is responsible for the entire entertainment offering onboard. They work with managers to schedule shows, activities, parties & performances in a manner that benefits both guest enjoyment and revenue.

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Cruise Director

Are you a natural leader who excels in delivering outstanding customer service? We're looking for candidates who have great interpersonal skills, who are passionate about providing amazing guest entertainment experiences and who can empower their teams to do the same.

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Assistant Cruise Director

Enjoy an adventurous career with great incentives, unlimited growth and worldwide travel opportunities. As an Assistant Cruise Director, you will be the Consummate Host - presenting, entertaining, and engaging daily programs and events that delight and serve our passengers throughout their cruise.

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Forward Planner

We're looking for exceptional events coordinators to help schedule and manage all of the shipboard entertainment and events offerings. If you have great administrative and organizational skills and at least 3 years of transferable experience, including knowledge of Events Reservation and/or Management Systems, this could be the perfect role for you!

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Junior Assistant Cruise Director

Join our team and enjoy an adventurous career with great incentives, unlimited growth and worldwide travel opportunities. As a Junior Assistant Cruise Director, you are responsible for assisting the Cruise Staff team with providing a premium entertainment experience by hosting and organizing activities such as trivia games, Zumba® classes, ice sculpture demonstrations, dance lessons, and arts and crafts.

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Hotel Controller

The Hotel Controller is responsible for the auditing and accounting of the ship’s supplies, inventory, and cash flow and is the designated liaison between all shipboard Hotel departments and the shoreside audit team.

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Hotel Director

The Hotel Director is responsible for the safe, secure and efficient running of the vessel's hotel operation, which includes but is not limited to; Food & Beverage, Housekeeping, Front Office, Entertainment, Tour Operations, Finance, IT, Casino and all Concessionaires. They will successfully plan, coordinate & control the entire guest operation, through the effective management of all hotel department heads.

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Associate Hotel General Manager

The Associate Hotel General Manager assists the Hotel General Manager to drive shipboard revenue and ensure exemplary service across all guest touchpoints.

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Guest Services Director

As a Guest Service Director, you will own the guest experience and assist the Associate Hotel General Manager in ensuring that designated job duties are always completed correctly and promptly according to company standards, policies and procedures.

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Guest Services Manager

The Guest Services Manager takes ownership of the Front Office operation and effectively leads the Guest Services team to ensure that the highest standards of guest service and satisfaction are met and maintained.

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Guest Services Supervisor

We are looking for Hotel Front Desk Supervisors or Assistant Managers who are passionate about going above and beyond to create amazing memories for their guests. If you enjoy solving problems and supporting and empowering your team to provide an exceptional guest experience, this role may be for you.

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Rooms Division Manager

The Rooms Division Manager leads the Housekeeping and Laundry operation and inspires a guest and teammate centric culture that increases Net Promoter, profitability and Service Excellence, in addition to driving a safe and healthy environment in accordance with Health, Environmental, Safety & Security (HESS) protocols.

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Assistant Rooms Division Manager

The Assistant Rooms Division Manager helps to lead, mentor, and develop a diverse Housekeeping team, ensuring consistent delivery of a guest and product experience that embraces experiential ownership and aligns with brand standards.

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Rooms Division Supervisor

As a Rooms Division Supervisor, you will be supporting the Rooms Division Manager in ensuring that the standards of housekeeping, sanitation, maintenance, and related services in guests and teammates public areas & staterooms are always upheld.

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Shore Excursions Associate

Our Shore Excursions Associates are an integral part of the guest’s vacation experience. They help to maximize guest satisfaction & onboard revenue by promoting & selling fabulous tours, ensuring that product quality is never compromised and that service and safety standards are always maintained.

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Human Resources Director

We are looking for an experienced HR Manager or HRBP to work on-board a cruise ship. If you are a flexible, driven individual with a strong commitment to service, possess the talent to lead and develop others and the skills to create a cohesive, positive work environment, we would like to speak to you.

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Learning & Development Manager

Are you a flexible, energetic team player with a genuine enthusiasm for coaching and developing people? We're looking for an experienced Learning & Development Manager to join our Shipboard HR Department.

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Engagement Specialist

We are looking for an experienced events coordinator or HR generalist, with a passion for employee engagement, to join us on-board as an Engagement Specialist. The successful candidate will have exceptional interpersonal & organisational skills, excellent public speaking ability & a keen interest in learning and development.

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HR Services Coordinator

Are you a HR or Hospitality graduate, with at least two years of administrative and customer service experience? Do you thrive in a fast-paced, high-pressure environment and get a kick out of helping and supporting others?

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Public Health Officer

We're looking for an experienced Public Health Officer to join a cruise ship. The PHO will ensure that the highest levels of shipboard public health standards are met and maintained and that all guests and team members are kept safe and healthy at all times.

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IT Officer

The onboard Information Technology team manages and supports all shipboard IT systems and operations while also providing maximum system use. The focus is always on the guest experience and maintaining safe operations. We do this by keeping informed of the latest technological advancements, and providing service excellence in all aspects of technology.

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2nd Engineer

The 2nd Engineer is responsible for the safe manning of all engine spaces and operation of machinery in accordance with company policies and procedures. The successful candidate will be an experienced watchkeeper and an advocate for a strong safety culture & safe working practices.

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Junior Refrigeration Officer

The Junior Refrigeration Officer works under the direction of the Chief Refrigeration Officer to ensure that the vessel's air conditioning and refrigeration systems are ship-shape at all times.

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Junior Electro-Technical Officer

The Junior ETO is responsible for the maintenance, repair and routine testing of all electrical and electronic equipment onboard the ship. This includes power generation, control systems, radio communications and electronic navigation aids, to maximise the operational safety and efficiency of the vessel.

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If your preferred vacancy isn't listed, you can submit an expression of interest to be considered for a future opening that is in keeping with your skills and experience.

You must be between 21 and 67 years old to be considered for any of our shipboard vacancies, unless you are applying for a deck/engine cadet role, in which case you must be at least 18 years old. 
Most cruise lines operate on a ‘rolling contract’ system, meaning that your next contract will be renewed automatically upon successful completion of the current one.

Contract lengths can vary from 3 to 10 months depending on the position you’re applying for.

Officers and Senior Management generally work from 3 to 6 months consecutively, while other staff and service crew average 6-10 months.

Holidays (otherwise known as 'shore-leave' or 'vacation') average 6-8 weeks for most positions and the majority of cruise line employees are only paid while working onboard the ship.
Couples/siblings/friends are welcome to apply, but applications will be considered on their own merit and we are unable to guarantee matching schedules/ships in the event that both parties are successful.
You can expect to undergo a multi-stage interview process.

All applicants are required to complete a preliminary one-way screening interview, which will be followed by a minimum of two video interviews and/or telephone calls.

The selection process can take 2-8 weeks depending on the role you are applying for.  
Successful candidates are expected to undergo different types of pre-employment checks and will be required to obtain certain documents before they can join a ship.

Some of this paperwork will be company specific, but a lot will be determined by the requirements of national and international labour laws.

All cruise ship employees, without exception, must be able to obtain medical clearance, regulatory training certificates and seafarer’s travel documents before they can start work. You will also be expected to produce a satisfactory certificate of character (criminal background check) and other job specific paperwork, such as academic certificates, licences and professional references.
There are several regulatory training courses pertaining to ships’ safety and security that all seafarers are obliged to undertake, regardless of the job they are applying for.

A small number of companies make provisions for new joiners to do some of this training during their first week on board, while many others require their employees to complete it prior to joining the vessel.

Furthermore, certain governments require their nationals to undergo this training in their home country, regardless of the cruise line's policies.

The first course is known as Basic Safety Training, which consists of several programs that can be delivered together over five days, or taken separately if needed. Topics including First Aid, Fire Fighting & Prevention, Security Awareness, Personal Safety and Personal Survival make up the minimum basic safety training requirements.

Employees who are required to assist and guide passengers in the event of an emergency, (almost everybody working on-board a cruise ship) must also be trained and certified in Crowd Management and Crisis Management and Human Behaviour.

 If you are required to complete this training prior to joining a ship, it will be at your own cost. 
The medical certificate proves that the seafarer:

  • has the physical capability to fulfil all of the requirements of the aforementioned basic training
  • possesses adequate hearing and speech to communicate effectively and detect any audible alarms, codes and signals 
  • has no medical condition, disorder or impairment that will prevent the effective and safe conduct of the seafarer’s routine and emergency duties 
  • is not suffering from any medical condition likely to be aggravated by service at sea, or to render the seafarer unfit for service, or to endanger the health and safety of other personnel on board 
  • is not taking medication that has side effects that could impair judgment, balance or any other requirements for effective and safe performance of routine and emergency duties on board
The majority of seafarers are able to obtain their medical certificate at any facility that has been approved by the ship owner, but as with the training, some seafarers will be required to undergo the examination at a specific facility in their home country.

Medical tests can include chest x-rays, extensive blood work, drug screening and tests for sexually transmitted infections and diseases, electrocardiograms and vision & hearing assessments. This list is not exhaustive and medical exams can be very costly (depending on the cruise line, job role and country you are living in).

While some ship owners cover the cost of their employees’ medicals, many do not, and those that do, may only offer reimbursement for select positions once the person is onboard.

If you are unable to achieve medical clearance, your offer of employment will be rescinded and you will not be able to recoup the costs. Consequently, it's imperative that applicants are open and honest about their medical history at the start of the recruitment process so that they can be guided accordingly.  
Most seafarers will be required to obtain a visa/s prior to embarking on their new adventure; one of the most common being the C1-D visa.

If your assigned ship sails in or through the United States and you are not from the USA or Canada, you will need a visa to work onboard. Once you have received your medical clearance, we will supply you with an official letter of employment (LOE) which will enable you to schedule a visa appointment at the US Embassy in your home country.

It’s important to note that all ship operators are legally obliged to bear the cost of any visa that you are required to obtain for work purposes. The C1-D visa is currently set at $160 USD (circa £120 GBP). The cost of any work related visa is usually reimbursed once you have joined your scheduled ship.

If you are unable to obtain a visa, your offer of employment will be rescinded and you will remain responsible for any associated fees.