Our Story

Our Story
Prior to launching Cruise Academy in 2017, Founder & Managing Director, Nikky Ingley, spent more than two decades working for some of the world's leading cruise lines.

Nikky was surprised by the lack of proper information and relevant training available to those considering careers outside of deck and engine operations onboard cruise ships. She recognised that this created a lot of unnecessary and costly problems, for ship operators as well as candidates, and she took action to bridge the gap.

Her vision, was to create a specialist academy, combined with recruitment & placement services, to provide aspiring, unlicensed seafarers, with the same level of industry information and ship specific knowledge & preparation that is given to nautical and technical cadets during their time at maritime college.

Cruise Academy's primary objectives are to:

  • develop and deliver appropriate certification that can be studied independently, or in conjunction with further or higher education programmes, anywhere in the world. 
  • bring regulatory training into the 21st century; ensuring it is relevant and engaging, rather than a box ticking exercise.
  • provide global candidates with access to competent, ethical recruitment and placement services and impartial career advice, at no cost.
  • ensure that seafarers are recruited and trained by professionals who have first-hand experience of the unique complexities of the shipboard environment.
  • drive excellence across the maritime industry while saving ship operators a significant amount of time, money and frustration

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide unrivalled return on investment for all of our stakeholders and to help drive excellence across the leisure maritime sector.

We love to help people who share our passion and we work incredibly hard to become a trusted partner to our clients, as opposed to 'just another vendor’.

Our Values



We live and breathe a can-do attitude and empower, support and encourage each other.



We remain true to ourselves and our mission and are not afraid to challenge the norm.



We respect and rejoice our differences and recognise and appreciate that diversity drives excellence.



We take responsibility for our actions, own our mistakes, and celebrate our successes.



We are honest and transparent, say what we mean, mean what we say and we always walk-the-talk.



We know what we're doing, why we're doing it and we're passionate about it.